You 2.0 is an AI driven Wellness APP that delivers micro activities specific to individuals. It is designed to maximize a user's probability of good health and longevity.

There are over 30,000 health and wellness APPS in Canada alone, but only one You 2.0.  

Over the past three years, the team at Besurance Corp came together to develop a health/wellness experience that you can INTEGRATE into your life, without INTERRUPTING it.

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Besurance has developed over 300 micro activities delivered to you through gentle “nudges” throughout your day with the intent of finding the best approach to:

✓ Reduce stress
✓ Improve your health
✓ Sharpen your mind and overall well being.

You 2.0’s micro activities were inspired and crafted by bringing together the best practices from medical, health and behavioral sciences and presenting them as short tasks, activities, and games that are fun, engaging and non-invasive to your day to day routine.  In Chinese, they call this “ke xue yang sheng” or evidence-based nourishing life.

How does this apply to insurance? Click here to learn about Insurance applications and our Dynamic Lifestyle Underwriting Protocol. 

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